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Ⅰ. Rapid response and wholehearted interaction with high efficiency.
Reply every client’s enquiry in 8 hours, actively and accurately contact with every client.And we will record all the client’s request,it will be easy for our future intercourse.For different clients and their different request,we will elastically reply them heartily.

Ⅱ. Keep our prices competitive and reasonable; Maintain the marketable stability.
For Gench company’s VIP clients,we will forwardly apprize the price of valve steel to them in seemly period.
When we meet the price of valve steel is marked down greatly,,we will apprize them and reduces our unit prices.
When we meet the price of valve steel is rised up a little,we will bear it undisturbedly,and we won’t trouble our clients.
But when we meet the price of valve steel is rised up greatly,we have to discuss with our clients and make a decision together.

Ⅲ. Track all the processes then inform clients.
If you are dealing with Gench company, our foreign trade department will offer you all the photos and documents about every step of process on the premise of protecting our technical secret.When the packing job is finished,our foreign trade depaerment will forwardly offer the photos about completed valves, plastic bags, cartons and pallets.This job is easy for client to distinguish their goods from others in storehouse or container terminals.

Ⅳ. Finish the order in client’s expectation.
After receiving the samples from clients,our engineer will offer the elaborate English engineering drawings to clients for their confirmation.After stamp contract or receiving prepayment,we will according to every item in contract and finish the order in time.If we meet insuperable difficulty and have to delay the delivery time,we will inform our difficulty to clients and get their permission.If we don’t inform our difficulty to clients in time,we mill bear all the cost of delay.
When the order is completed,we can supply the full set of samples and client’s original samples if they need.And we will offer all the documents about loading.It is easy for clients to book the cabin.After client’s confirmation,our logistic department will arrange vehicle then transport goods to that place which are appointed by clients.

Ⅴ.After service.
After shipment,we will deliver this document “Questionnaire Of Quality And Service About Gench Valve”,in order to improve our quality and service.About the questions when assembly our valves,clients can enquire our technical department,our special engineer will solve problems with clients together.If there happen a quality problem about our engine valves in operating engine,please post the broken valves back.Our general engineer will analyse and assay that broken valve by himself,and he will issue a written ability to client and explain everything.Through state authoritative quality examination,we will actively compensate our mistake.

Yuhuan Gench Engine Valve Co.,Ltd cordially looks forward to create success with Chinese and foreign clients together.

Click here and download “Questionnaire Of Quality And Service About Gench Engine Valve.pdf”

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